Abstract submission
Prepare your abstract (A4, 1 page) using template, which can be downloaded here.
Please name the file of your abstract 'ID_Name.docx', and mail to abstract[a]jwps2019.com before 2019/9/10.

Workshop proceedings is published in JJAP Conference Proceedings. Details can be ckecked below.
  • Journal
  • Published in JJAP Conference Proceedings (JJAP-CP)
    (See previous JJAP proceedings: published in JJAP-CP Vol.2 and Vol.7)

  • How to submit
  • Information on how to submit is available on the author information page. Please prepare a camera-ready manuscript with about 6-10 pages. It is desirable to list more than 20 references. Templates for manuscript (MS-Word / LaTeX) can be downloaded.
    Papers will only be accepted which are presented in the conference and not published anywhere else and not being considered for publication. Only one paper can be submitted per (person and presentation). No additional fee is required for submission.

  • Submission Deadline
  • Deadline for paper submission is February 28, 2020.
    Send to the editrial office at submission[a]jwps2019.com.

  • Submission Link
  • Please send a camera-ready manuscript in PDF format with the sourec files to submission[a]jwps2019.com.
    In the case that the file size exceeds 10 Mbytes, please ask the editor before sending the files.

  • Peer Review System
  • All manuscripts will be subject to peer review. The editors will make final decisions based on the reports received from the referees.

  • Open Access
  • All the accepted papers will be published with free online access. The papers can be accessed not only by conference attendees but by anyone.

  • Editorial Board
  • H. Tsuchida (Kyoto Uni.), N. Oshima (AIST), K. Ito (AIST), B. O'Rourke (AIST), T. Oka (JAEA), K. Sato (Tokyo Gakugei Uni.), Q. Xu (Kyoto Uni.), C. He (Wuhan Uni.), X. Cao (IHEP)