Scientific program

TIA Kakehashi Symposium

Application of Positron Beams at Major Facilities

13:10-18:30, October 31st, 2019

Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA, Nara, Japan

Session Organizer: Nagayasu Oshima

The current status of major facilities for positron production in Japan and China, as well as recent progress on their applications, are reported. Emerging measurement techniques and their applications including an idea for future collaborations are also discussed. All speakers are invited from the organizer, and the session is held under the auspices of the organizing committee of JWPS2019.
For registration only to this symposium (free of charge), please send your infomation (name, affilication, and e-mail address) to the office.

  • Part 1 (13:10-15:10): Recent Activity at Major Facilities for Positron Beam Production in Japan and China
  • Chair: Hidetsugu Tsuchida

    Positron microbeam experiments in AIST
    Nagayasu Oshima (AIST)

    Detector array for positron burst lifetime spectrum measurement
    Baoyi Wang (IHEP)

    Total-reflection high-energy positron diffraction (TRHEPD) and low-energy positron diffraction (LEPD) stations and experiments at KEK
    Toshio Hyodo (KEK)

    Progress of the slow-positron beamline development at the Kyoto University research reactor
    Atsushi Kinomura (KUR)

  • Part 2 (15:30-17:30): Applications of Positron Beams
  • Chair: Chungqing He

    Invited Talk 1:
    Improvement of a detection system for observing low-energy positron diffraction using a linac-based slow-positron beam
    Ken Wada (QST)

    Invited Talk 2:
    Correlated positron-electron pair emission from surfaces
    Zheng Wei (Chongqing Univ)

    Invited Talk 3:
    Experimental progress towards positronium Bose-Einstein condensation
    Akira Ishida (Univ Tokyo)

    Invited Talk 4:
    A high-quality and energy-tunable positronium beam and its applications
    Koji Michishio (AIST)

  • Part 3 (17:40-18:30): Panel Discussion and Summary
  • Moderator: Nagayasu Oshima

    Panelists: B. Wang, X. Cao, T. Hyodo, H. Tsuchida, A. Kinomura

    Topics and related keywords for discussion will be provided from the moderator soon.